U IT - U11 Builder - Future releases and philosophy

In the future releases, U IT expects to consolidate the tool, add new features & options, like :

  • Render the application centralized & multi-user, with realtime lock and activity logging feature for audit purposes
  • Add as many new capture rules as possible in order to ensure to generate a perfect report
  • Keep and save all the data of all the reports generated for all the UCI managed
  • Add further management features to ease the handling of many entities or units

U IT's philosophy is to continuously improve the applications we develop, we try to reach the "impeccability". But in order to do so, as we are not the ones who use our tools, we particularly listen to all the requests from our customers.

Our approach is to regularly discuss with the final users and ask them if they are satisfied by the current features of our tools. If we receive a common change request from many users, or just one innovative idea from one single user, we'll first study the impact and in many cases we'll perform the change, add the new feature or bring a new option. We'll always try to do the best we can in order to respond to what our users need or miss.

In other words : do not hesitate to contact our team if you have some ideas or suggestions, we are opened to them, our aim is that you like using our application because it responds to all your needs.