SOFiE Seculine Launcher (SSL) - Standalone version

The Standalone version of SSL offers the following advantages to any Seculine participant :

  • Remove any interaction with SOFiE and simplify user's work
  • Centralize SOFiE on one single sending and receiving platform
  • Avoid SOFiE password losses
  • Remind users to download feedback files -or- download automatically and inform user of their presence
  • Guarantees the good sending or reception of the Seculine files
  • Simplify support by interpreting common SOFiE errors
  • Provide with clear activity and statistical information
  • Classify, rename and concentrate all sent and received reports in monthly archives

The tool being dedicated to Seculine, an activity report produced by SSL is viewable using a browser. Any employee, from user to manager, can navigate from one month to another and select the days when Seculine reports were sent or received - a summary of the transferred information is displayed, allowing to rapidly know when, for instance, the "decsal.dta" and "decmal.dta" of a specific month were sent.

The archive file management is also useful as it allows to rapidly browse in the history of the sent or received reports - useful for customers who need to verify what was exactly sent at a precise date to the CCSS.

Status (End 2015):
SSL Standalone version is under slow development. U IT is first concentrating on the SSL Integrated version. We planned to offer a first version of the SSL Standalone for mid-2016. Contact us if you would like to have more information on this product.