SOFiE Seculine Launcher (SSL) - Main Features

The idea behind this project is to facilitate the transmission of information to the CCSS/CNS by improving and simplifying the technical aspect of the Seculine solution.

This project will help all the SOFiE Seculine customers to:

  • Remove any interaction with SOFiE
  • Simplify the crypting & communication operations
  • Ensure the Seculine files are well sent or received
  • Provide with clear activity and statistical information
  • Avoid SOFiE password losses

Integrated vs Standalone version

The Integrated version of SSL was release during the second half of 2015 with one key participant on the Seculine market. It offers the possibility for the application, which manages the salaries and stipends of the company, to pilot SOFiE. The integrated version of SSL simplifies the work for all and strengthen the solution.

The Standalone version of SSL will be developped in 2016 and will allow to send or received reports in one click, performs all the necessary checks and provide with condensed and useful information a Seculine user need to know. It also includes a small SOFiE error interpreter which can handle common SOFiE issues or problems a Seculine customer can have, facilitating and improving further help & support. The SSL Standalone version also offers other small and useful functions.