SOFiE Seculine Launcher (SSL) - Integrated version

The Integrated version of SSL is addressed to any company which offers, on the Luxembourg market, an application to manage the salaries and stipends operation in accordance to the Seculine solution implemented by the CCSS. It provides with the following advantages:

  • The salary application pilots SOFiE using the SSL Integrated dedicated tools developed by U IT
  • Final Seculine customers and users benefits from a useful simplification of their tasks
  • This simplification provides with a new strong argument in reports to competitors who do not provide such simplifications
  • By piloting SOFiE and receiving statistics from SSL, a new set of functionalities can be offered to customers
  • With the SOFiE batched configuration, users avoid any SOFiE password loss

Further additional features could potentially be developed, like:

  • Add an integrated SOFiE error interpreter to further simplify support on SOFiE problems
  • Add SOFiE account's activity and history data extraction at the disposal of the salary application
  • Implement further sub-functions relative to SOFiE to further strengthen the solution
  • ... any other feature could be requested, we are open to new and usefull ideas

Status (End 2015):
SSL Integrated version was successfully launched in August 2015 with one of our key partner. End of 2015, all the final customers (users) using SSL sent only positive feedbacks regarding the SSL project. U IT is opening negociations with the other participants to extend this new facility for the maximum of Seculine users in Luxembourg. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any complement of information on this product.