RGen FATCA - Standard version (LU)

RGen FATCA is intended to provide straightforward technical solution for Luxembourgish customers with medium to high volume of data to report. By mainly concentrating on the technical aspects and based on the fact that high volume customer have all the necessary business knowledge to handle the right data extraction, the RGen FATCA solution position as low cost and efficient automated FATCA reports generator.
The tool is functionnal since begining of April 2015 and can already produce from ZeroReport to complete FATCA LU reports.

RGen FATCA - Overview & features
  • Condensed overview of the ins and outs of the FATCA reporting @Luxembourg and the RGen FATCA solution provided by U IT.

If you want to know more about RGen FATCA or require any other information, please contact us. We can make a presentation of the tool on request, provide with other technical documents, or answer to any question relative to this subject.

Luxembourg authorities FATCA main page (ACD): Click here