STB - Reporter

The Reporter tool reconciles, on a daily basis, all the sent reports with the feedback reports (FBR/FDB/FBX/FBH) sent by the regulators. It generates, updates and stores a clear reconcilied report of all the activity of your Legal Reporting platform. A yearly calendar is updated from day to day with all the reports.
The 2 main interests of the Reporter is to simplify the verification of the feedbacks for the users, helping them to save daily time, and to store concrete and clear reconciled reports for management or audit

Features and/or advantages of the Reporter:

  • Automate the verification of sent/received reports by generating a daily reconciliation report page
  • Ensure and keep trace of the good delivery of all reports (technical reconciliation)
  • Reports can be generated in html or pdf formats
  • Provide with a yearly calendar (html) to access all the reports in 1 clic
  • Compatible with multi reporting entities and multi SOFiE Sort account installations
  • (2018 - MIFID new procedures) Perform business reconciliation of MIFiD reports
  • (2018 - Portability) Calendar and reports in HTML are portable (can be easily archived & viewed)

New features for future releases:

  • Grant weekly and monthly reconciliation report generation
  • Allow the generation of custom reports based on different criterias
  • Parse more business feedbacks (COFFBX, DOCFDB, AIFFBH, ...) to provide with relevant information

Status (November 2018) :
We terminated to update the Reporter which adds a supplement of business information regarding the status of MiFID transactions (Accepted/Rejected/Pending). Check a sample report generated by the Reporter (it contains many different types of reports with different scenarios and errors).