STB - Preparer

The initial function of the Preparer is to create a CSSF procedure from a MiFIR (MiFID II) TAF report, whether automatically or manually. In the future, more CSSF procedures will be handled by the tool. For SOFiE Sort users in BATCH mode, the tool maintains a 100% automated workflow. For users in manual (GUI) mode, the tool is easy to use and can even be configured to perform its job in 1 single click.

Preparer - Specs & Pricing : Click here

Features of the Preparer in BATCH mode:

  • Allow to maintain a 100% fully automated workflow with no user interaction required
  • Create a valid CSSF procedure from a TAF report and deposit it in the standard SOFiE input folder
  • Send automatic email in case of error and/or success
  • Allow multi-users using multiple envelop profiles combined with multiple input directories
  • Can be executed and piloted by one other application as a command line utility

Features of the Preparer in MANUAL (GUI) mode:

  • Clear and intuitive interface which allows users to rapidly generate the procedure file
  • Drag & drop the report on the interface to automatically create the right CSSF procedure
  • Can be configured to be launched in 1 click to perform the operation

Common features of the Preparer:

  • Allow to create up to 5 profiles for multi-user/senders need
  • Verify and validate the report's filenaming
  • Portable application, compatible with all Windows OS, fast installation
  • Can be installed on multiple systems with no extra costs
  • 100% offline and standalone application
  • Configure all BATCH or MANUAL settings through the interface
  • Optimized debug log classified by month + clear activity log
  • ... U IT is open to suggestions to add more functionnalities, do not hesitate to contact us