SOFiE ToolBox - STB

SOFiE ToolBox is the name of a set of tools U IT developed to strengthen and enhance the functionalities of a SOFiE Sort batch environment.

On its third release (v3.0), it includes 6 tools which are described furthermore on this site. A seventh tool is available depending on the configuration of the environment. Click the tool's name in the left column for more details.

SOFiE ToolBox - Presentation
  • This document presents SOFiE ToolBox, describes the future and potential developments and features, and includes an order form to apply for the solution.

The tools are continuously updated in order to adapt to any new SOFiE release as to follow the most recent changes brought by the regulators in the Legal Reporting domain @Luxembourg.

U IT offers mixed choices license model : you select only the tools you need. Furthermore, as U IT is open to any requirement or customer's wishes, if you want a specific treatment/information regarding your SOFiE environment, just inform us about your needs and we'll study the possibility to whether develop a new tool, or adapt one existent.

The SOFiE Toolbox tools runs on Windows platforms - for SOFiE Batch environments running on a Unix-based platform, the SOFiE Toolbox can still be adapted once the tools are executed from a Windows platform and have access to the required SOFiE directories to perform their analysis tasks.

Our pricing model starts from a standard license price which is incremented based on your category level - this category is directly linked with the yearly volume of files (reports and feedback reports) sent and received the previous year. The category level is reviewed during the first month of each year and the license price is adapted as per.