STB - Keeper

The Keeper is there to verify the good operating of a SOFiE Sort batch environment. It continuously verifies the SOFiE logs & activity and warns in case of problem.
The Keeper also generates and maintains a concise DB of all the SOFiE activity, this DB is used by other interactive STB tools (Informer / Digger) to grant to users a realtime view on the daily activity.

Features of the Keeper:

  • Monitor the SOFiE activity
  • Send a mail in case of error or perform any custom action (adaptable)
  • Optionnally attach any error log to emails (to fast forward them to U IT)
  • Move any SOFiE dedicated error log to a specific location
  • Compatible with multi reporting entities and multi SOFiE Sort account installations
  • (New 2018) Build and maintain a dedicated U IT DB of all the SOFiE activity

New features for future releases:

  • Perform integrity check of SOFiE on a daily and intraday basis
  • Warns by mail when the certificate(s) is soon to expire
  • Archiving and logs clean-up
  • Error interpreter: solve common encryption or sending SOFiE issues

Status (November 2018) :
A major update was performed with the creation of the DB (SADB = SOFiE Activity DataBase) in parallel to the update of the Informer & Diggers tools. This add the warranty to preserve all the SOFiE activity (for audit purposes) and will allow more flexibility for futher enhancements of the tool