STB - Informer

The Informer is an interactive tool for the users or managers in charge of the Legal Reporting and using the SOFiE Sort application as secure chanel. Its main functionality is to inform on the status of all sent and received files of the current or previous activity day.
The tool is targetted for companies who send many reports (banks, great fiduciaries, other great institutions) independantly from the operating mode of their SOFiE account (ie interactive or batched).

Main features of the Informer:

  • Clear and user-friendly interface allowing a fast verification of the status of the day
  • Verify the previous day activity in one click
  • Open any feedback to verify their content to confirm the good acknowledgment of the regulators
  • Portable application, compatible with all Windows OS, fast installation
  • (2018 - MIFID new procedures) New consultation panel for MiFID FDBTAFREP verification
  • (2018 - Warning mail) Send an automatic email if specific reports are not sent for a precise hour

New features for future releases:

  • Informer will be coupled with the Reporter and Dispatcher tools to allow more functionalities
  • Allow different user's profile to display only the reports managed by specific (group of) users
  • Spot SOFiE errors (encryption/sending) and help users to interpret the errors for correction purposes
  • Highlight feedbacks with a negative return from the regulators (warnings or errors)

Informer Overview: Click here

Status (November 2018) :
A major update was implemented with the use of the SADB created and managed by the Keeper tool. A a dedicated managing panel was developped to rapidly read the TAFREP feedbacks and see any rejected transaction to be corrected and a new automatic email warning system was added