STB - Dispatcher

The Dispatcher is a simple and highly configurable tool. It takes care about the feedback reports (FBR/FDB/FBX/FBH/TRMID) received from the regulators, analyses and moves them in the right directory for the right department or user, depending on their nature.
The Dispatcher is fully configurable: you can sort all of the FBR reports by type in one single main directory, or decide to sort and dispatch any FBR to any department which sent the original report.

Features of the Dispatcher:

  • Move the right FBR to the right location (department/user)
  • Allow "full dispatch" which sorts all FBR by report-type
  • Compatible with multi reporting entities and multi SOFiE Sort account installations
  • (2018 - MIFID new procedures) Rename with ".zip" and classify them

New features for future releases:

  • Sort ANACREDIT feedbacks (once BCL will send them - not yet end of 2018)
  • Backup all received FBRs in single weekly or monthly archive
  • Send automatic email when specific feedbacks are received
  • Send automatic email when specific information is some feedbacks are received
  • Execute a specific action when specific feedbacks/information are received
  • Propose a two-level dispatch (example : by department then by type)

Status (May 2018) :
Tool was updated to add the sorting of MiFID special feedbacks (CSSF Procedures)