SOFiE 1 Click - Features

After a certain number of years of granting support & training on SOFiE Sort, we have a good idea of the usual and common requests, critics or wishes of our customers.

The idea behind the project is to help all of the SOFiE Sort GUI customers (using SOFiE in interactive mode) to:

  • Facilitate the crypting & sending operations
  • Remove any direct interaction with SOFiE for the users (configured in automated mode)
  • Avoid SOFiE password loss and other typical user's SOFiE problems
  • Ensure and confirm the good sending of the reports
  • Automate the reception and verification of FBR reports sent by the regulator
  • Generate a clear reconciliation document for any sent report (for audit)
  • Keep trace of account's activity and history for further verification or audit

Further additional features could potentially be developped, like:

  • SOFiE error interpreter: solve common encryption or sending SOFiE issues
  • Enhance account's activity and history to propose a tool to browse the information (for admins)
  • Keep a structured backup of all sent reports + FBR
  • Package SOFiE 1 Click with a portable SOFiE version
  • ... any other feature could be requested, we are open to new ideas