U IT - BCL Reporting Capture Tools

The capture tools/interfaces U IT developped respond to specific families of reports. All of our interfaces share the same level of quality to deliver efficiently error-free reports to the regulator. Click in the left column for more details.

Document presenting the key aspects of our capture tools : Click here

RFC GUI Pack - Reporting Financial Companies for BCL

Intially launched in 2012, this set of 3 interfaces was gradually improved to achieve an high quality level of capture tools. End of 2015, the number of declarers whose reports are generated by our tools exceeds 650.

RSV GUI Pack - Reporting Securitisation Vehicles for BCL

During 2015, U IT decided to cover the production of this family of reports and bring to the market high quality and efficient tools. The pack we propose is composed of 3 tools which cover the 3 different reports.

RIC GUI Pack - Reporting Insurance Corporations for BCL

End of 2015, we started the development of this new family of capture tools to respond to the demand for the Insurers. The pack we'll propose shares the same level of quality than our other products and is composed of 4 tools which cover all the requested reports.

RIF GUI Pack - Reporting Investment Funds for BCL

Since mid 2016 we propose now a pack of interfaces which covers the BCL Funds Reports and applied the same quality rules than our other interfaces. We cover the 3 reports including the 2 variants of the S1.3 / S2.13 report in one single tool.