RSV GUI : TPTTBS Builder (v1.0)

The "TPTTBS Builder" tool is used to capture and generate the monthly report known as the "Security by security reporting of securitisation vehicles".

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Link to TPTTBS BCL main page: Click here

The TPTTBS Builder offers the following main features and advantages:

  • Overall studied interface to ease user's work and minimize re-capture of data
  • Dedicated capture window containing all data and allowing easy duplication or navigation between raws of information
  • Can be used independantly from SOFiE or any other secure channel utility
  • Many capture rules (quality filters) were added in addition to the circular's rules
  • Tool can be duplicated, one exemplary by reported entities
  • Data of previous month for one company are kept, allowing to rapidly generate next month's report
  • Copy/paste from another Excel sheet or from a text with tabulations is possible

TPTTBS Builder Overview: Click here

TPTTBS Builder Documentation: Click here